Sunday, October 31, 2010

Package-private Access won't work with Documentum BOF

If you are putting together several Documentum BOF modules such as TBOs and Aspects and they are located in the same java package you may be tempted to use Java package-private protections to allow shared access to methods and data between the modules without exposing the methods or data to outside code.

With Documentum BOF, however, you can not do this. The reason is that each TBO or Aspect gets their own private classloader. Even though the name of the package may be the same for the two modules and you might expect that they can share package private access, the reality is that since the packages are in two different class loaders they are not in fact the same package and therefore Java rightfully prohibits the access.

This means that you can't use package-private access for BOF TBOs and Aspects. For similar reasons you also can't rely upon class static data.

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