Sunday, October 31, 2010

Need to quote DQL UNIQUE keyword

While using Documentum DQL to create a new type and index I came across a problem that was not particularly obvious. I figured I'd document it just in case others had the same problem.

The problem has to do with the DQL "unique" keyword. When creating an index using DQL the documentation says to use a command something like the following:

EXECUTE MAKE_INDEX WITH TYPE_NAME='mytype',ATTRIBUTE='myattribute',unique=true

I found, however, that on the version of Content Server I was using that this command did not work. After some amount of research I found that there is a bug introduced into the DQL parser that treats the "UNIQUE" token as a special keyword. This special treatment messes up the parsing the of MAKE_INDEX command. In order to work around the problem you can quote the UNIQUE keyword. This gets the token through the parser so that everything works as expected. The new command is as follows:

EXECUTE MAKE_INDEX WITH TYPE_NAME='mytype',ATTRIBUTE='myattribute',"unique"=true

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